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GEO Domain Names Generator will help you generate domains for a specific keyword in all cities sorted by population, it provides also CPC and appraisal for the domains.

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A geo domain is a domain that contains w important keywords, One is a city, county, state, or country, and a Job, Business name.

For example NewyorkLaywer.com, LondonBroker.com, VancouverBarber.com Or: ChicagoLawFirm.com, TorontoRoofing.com, ….

You can put a Business name or a job in “easynamegenerator.com/geo” and select which country you want the domain to be in, it is gonna generate a combination of domains sorted by the population of the city or the state to pick the right domain.

If it’s `.Com` is the best, easy to market, also it can be suitable for businesses that want to do a domain upgrade (TorontoLawyer.ca to TorontoLawyer.com for example).

Upgrading means moving from a ccTLD to .com, ccTlds are country codes for example .ca is for Canada, .fr for France, .co.uk for the united kingdom, .co for Colombia, .io is for British Indian Ocean Territory and .us for the united states of America.

Random Geo domain name generator

Our random domain name generator helps you find the best Geo domains, you can find if it is available, other bought domains with other TLDs (potential clients), also you can get a live appraisal on how much the domain is worth based on related sales on Godaddy , volume and traffic that those keywords bring in a monthly basis, last but not least potential clients on google maps and Yelp which you can start emailing them for an outbound marketing campaign.

After you found the best .com Geo domain with our Geo domain name generator, it is time to buy one, click on the green button Register next to the domain and buy the domain using Namecheap which we recommend for a cheap price and best customer support.

Geo domain Marketplaces

A marketplace is a place where domain investors can buy and sell their domains, as a seller you put the acquired geo domain name, and as a buyer, you shop for domains that are interesting and can appreciate in the future. There are thousands of platforms and marketplaces that specialized in selling and buying domain names, we tried to list top domain name marketplaces which list at least 20k domain names and have a good volume of transactions daily

Domain Name Marketplaces

  • 4.cn
  • Aftermarket
  • Afternic
  • Cax
  • DNX
  • DomainMarket
  • DomainNameSales
  • FabulousDomains
  • Flippa
  • FreeMarket
  • HugeDomains
  • Huntingmoon
  • Most Wanted Domains
  • NamePros
  • NoktaDomains
  • Sedo
  • Undevelope Dan

Brandable Domain Name Marketplaces

  • BrandBucket
  • Brandroot
  • Brandstarters
  • Catchy
  • Namerific
  • NamePros

Listing a domain for sale

After getting the domain, now it is time to list it for sale, Wow! There are many trusty marketplaces dedicated to selling domains, you can try Godaddy auctions, Sedo, Dan, and Afternic…, You have 2 choices, either you can make the domain for sale with an exact price let’s say 1000USD, or make an offer then you can get offers from clients that want to acquire the domain.

Once done! Either you wait to get a sale from investors or potential buyers which is the best thing to do to get a good price, or you can reach potential clients by emailing them. Try to check Yelp, Google maps, and Yellow pages and get emails from these businesses and try to reach them.

Domain transfer

Congrats, you got the sale, now it is time to transfer the domain to the broker, let’s say, Dan, Dan works as a middle man in between the buyer and you, to protect both interests, so at that time they have the domain from the buyer on their bank account, and also the domain with there name, then they transfer again the domain to the buyer and they send the money to you minus 7% or 5% commission on the sale. Just make sure you submit the right bank details from your side to stay away from any issues or lost payments.

Easynamegenerator job

Easynamegenerator is the best domain name generator on the market right now that can help you snipe those domains and get the highest profit. Everything is in place from generating a geo domain to the population of the city, the appraisal of the Geo domain, search volume for the keywords, potential clients on yelp and google maps businesses, and not to mention the registered domain with the same name in different other TLDs to know the name is high in demand or not.

If you would like to get a new feature, contact us from the chat widget, and we will respond back to you if we can implement it and add it to easynamegenerator.com, Thank you.

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