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Geo-domains are very popular and therefore difficult to obtain. We have summarised for you what a geo-domain is and what makes it so valuable to your business.

What are Geo domains?

Geo-domains are Internet addresses that contain the name of a city/location or (federal) country, i.e. a geographical location. Typical examples are LondonLaywercomr or Such domains exist only once for each branch and each city. Anyone wishing to register or purchase a geo domain must therefore generally be very quick.

Tip: If you discover a geo-domain that is still available or receive an offer for such a domain, it is best not to think too long and seize the opportunity to acquire it. Otherwise, someone else will usually do it very quickly, in the worst case, the competition.

But what exactly makes a geo domain so special?

What are the advantages of Geo domains?

In most cities (even those with a population of less than 30,000), these domains are allocated very quickly, as every company wants to ensure that it has the address of its locality and sector of activity. So if someone discovers a geo domain that is still available, it is worth considering registering it yourself in most cases, either to use it for an online presence or to sell it. A geo-domain has some advantages:

ease of remembering the domain

trust among potential customers

rarity value

ease of approaching potential customers in the environment

increased reach

The ease of remembering a Geo domain for more visitors to the website

Geo-domains consist in most cases of a keyword, e.g. a branch name and the name of a town or place. This makes the domain name uncomplicated and therefore particularly easy to remember.

Example: someone is currently in the city of Liverpool and has a headache. The person is looking for a pharmacy. If the person now types into the browser's address bar, it is very likely that this address exists and that a corresponding web page will open. Even if the person types "pharmacy Liverpool" in the search field of a search engine, the domain will appear at the top of the results because of the keywords and will most likely be consulted because of the clear terms. This already leads us to the next advantage: trust.

The rarity of Geo domains makes them valuable

In every city, however small, Geo domains can be found for almost every branch of industry and often also for a few keywords (e.g. 'used cars' or 'glasses'). Free Internet addresses of this type are therefore rare, and it takes luck and patience to find them.

Geo domains can be used to extend the reach of the business

For small towns, in particular, it is also possible to use geo-domains with the name of the district/municipality to increase the reach and number of potential customers tenfold.

Tip: It is useful to check how many geo-domains already exist in the different areas of the city. If there are many, they seem to work well. A check can be made, for example, with the following entry in Google: site:*

The star represents a variable value, e.g. a branch name, "City name" is replaced by the name of the relevant city during the check.

When are Geo domains interesting?

For personal use, geo domains are in principle interesting for all those who do not only do pure online business.

This means for all companies that have a shop, for example, that offer services in a certain region or sell products in a certain region. In this case, a geo-domain is a measure of what is called Local SEO.

Geo-domains are useful:

In large and small cities

In district towns/district capitals - here the term can also be used for the district / urban district concerned. This results in an even larger catchment area and greater reach.

How do I know if a given Geo domain is still available?

A simple way is to type the keyword on This immediately shows All the possible combinations in a specific country. whether there is a website with the corresponding domain or whether the domain has already been registered in general.

If it is available you can click on the button Register, and you can buy the domain from the cheapest registrar NameCheap.

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